How To Make Safe Drinking Water at Home

Safe drinking water at homeHow to make safe drinking water at home? The human body consists by 70% of the water, so the consumed water quality has a huge impact on the health. This is the reason why the choice of filter for drinking water purification is not something on which you can save.

A wide range of various water filters allows without a fear to consume the filtered tap water. Today the most modern of all household filters are the filters of reverse osmosis and ultra-filtration units. These methods of drinking water filtration are using almost all well-known manufacturers of the bottled water.

How to use the reverse osmosis system at home

All existing systems for water treatment at home of reverse osmosis differ from one another on a number of design features as well as their performance. The differences of these systems are also in the number of purification stages. The use of multistage up to eight stages reverse osmosis systems allows to provide a good-quality drinking water, saturated with trace elements, through the implementation of the integrated filtration. In this case, at each stage of water purification the strictly defined function is performed. As a result in the output you will get the safe drinking water completely compliant to the strictest hygienic requirements.

Preparation of  drinking water at home

Here is a couple of options for tap water filtration to the level of safe drinking water quality.

1st option. Purification of the tap water from rust, turbidity, color, odor, and water disinfection

Reverse osmosis for homeThis is the latest low-cost water purification technology, which you can use at home, and which has already become popular all over the world. The tap water that you considered to be clean will become a crystal clear by using the ultra-filtration unit. This option includes self-cleaning filter cartridge with the life of water treatment without replacement – 5 years. The degree of water purification for mechanical impurities is 0.01 microns.  Viruses, bacteria, microorganisms, iron, rust, sand, colloids, clay and the unpleasant odor of chlorine compounds are removed from the water. The filter is designed to fit under the bathroom or in the sanitary space. Generally, the service is not required except preventive maintenance once a year depending on the degree of water contamination.


2nd option. Molecular water treatment with mineralization

The reverse osmosis system at home  is highly appreciated among the users. However, by considering buying this water filter it’s important to remember that it needs the systematic maintenance, the replacement of water purification cartridges, but you can get this service from the company you purchased the unit. Usually they also offer the low-cost service and the customer support.

Seven-stage reverse osmosis filtration system

1. Mechanical filter of pre-purification – 5 microns

2. Compacted carbon filter

3. Fine filter – 5 microns

4. Reverse osmosis membrane

5. Coconut charcoal

6. Mineralizer

7. Bioceramic cartridge

How to use the ultra-filtration purification system for the preparation of drinking water at home

The opinion that by using the reverse osmosis system you can obtain a water of extreme purity that is unsuitable for drinking forced to search for new solutions for the tap water purification at home. And the solution was found. This was solved by equipping the reverse osmosis filters with additional steps. The introduction of mineralizing and bio-ceramic cartridges has led to the fact that the water purified in result of reverse osmosis passing through the mineralizing cartridge is saturated with useful trace elements and becomes by the composition and structure very similar to the natural drinking water. As a result, it’s possible to get the outstanding water quality.

The use of ultra-filtration for tap water purification is an alternative method to reverse osmosis system. The ultra-filtration purification system unit is small enough, and it does not require maintenance due to the use of self-cleaning filters. This method of the water purification system allows to remove all water-insoluble contaminants, colloidal particles, microorganisms that are larger than 0.01 microns, but dissolved in-water minerals can freely diffuse through the pores of the filter.

The following comparison will help to understand what a 0.01 micron ultra-filtration is:

– The smallest particle, which can distinguish the human eye, has a size of 100 microns;

– The size of the virus is within 0.02-0.4 microns;

– The size of bacteria is 0.2-10 microns;

– The size of the rust particles varies from 0.5 to 200 microns.

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